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Yousef Ismail, Attornet at law

Yousef Ismail, Attorney at law

Founder 1976-2022

כמאל דבאח

Kamal Dabbah, Attorney at law

Dr. in Dentistry

דר שכיב סרחאן

Dr. Shakieb Serhan

Retired District Judge

ענבל פלאח יעקב

Inbal Falah Yaakov, Attorney at law


באסל אסמעיל עו_ד

Basel Ismail, Attorney at law

Founding partner


Amitai Bartov, Attorney at law


יוסף אסמעיל עיתונאי

Yousef Ismail, Attorney at law

Attorney Yousef Ismail founded the Ismail & Co. law firm in 1976 in Jerusalem.

The firm dealt in the field of civil law and criminal law represented its clients professionally, and with dedication, and achieved many legal achievements.

Attorney Ismail ​ finished his law studies at the Hebrew University in 1973. After completing his internship and working as an attorney in one of the leading firms in Jerusalem, in 1976 he founded our firm in Jerusalem.

Attorney Yousef Ismail gained extensive experience in the fields of tort, real estate, administrative and criminal law. He had many years of experience in litigation and dispute resolution.


In 1997, he was appointed to the position of registrar and head of execution in the courts of the North District, until 2004. After that, he returned to lead our firm.

In addition to being an attorney, Yousef Ismail was a journalist. Between the years 1961 and 1997, he worked as a journalist and editor in newspapers published in Hebrew and Arabic. In addition, he was a producer, editor, and news presenter for the Israel Broadcasting Authority.



Yousef Ismail, Attornet at law
יוסף אסמעיל
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