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Superior legal representation has been the hallmark of our firm since it was founded in 1976 by senior attorney Yousef Ismail. Throughout four decades we have provided devoted advocacy to individuals as well as businesses around the world.

​Our team consists of professional attorneys who are very experienced in handling cases in courtrooms and other law firms frequently ask them to serve as legal consultants.

​We are determined to continue leading advanced legal solutions as we have throughout our 47 years of practice by staying one step ahead and constantly challenging ourselves to bring new and original ways of thinking to our client's most complex legal challenges.

We have a legal desk in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) through which legal services are provided in Commercial Law, Torts, and Real Estate Law.

In addition to legal services, our firm works in cooperation with FIRST INTRO GROUP, which helps businesses worldwide expand their business activities to the United Arab Emirates.

תחומי התמחות

Practice Areas


Car accidents
Medical Malpractice
Construction defects

Real Estate

Second-hand agreements
Contractor agreements
Land sale agreements
Purchase tax
Improvement levy


Establishing companies
Dissolution of companies
Legal consulting for businesses
Founders' agreements


Inheritance Law
Law of Succession
Continuing Power of Attorney

Business in Dubai

Legal desk
Dubai | UAE

8 King David St.

Aspin Commercial Tower
106 Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre 1

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