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Dr. Shakieb Serhan, Attorney at law (Retired Judge)

Retired judge and attorney Dr. Shakib Sarhan, is an upstanding public figure, a very brilliant jurist, and a leading academic. He contributed and continues to contribute a lot in various fields: human society, law, science, academia, and the protection of individual rights, all for the sake of man (every man), social justice, and humanity in general. The universal human principles, including truth, justice, morality, equality, peace, the protection of human rights at all costs, and the love of mankind, are a candle to his feet, the self that believes, and the soul of his nose. He held the position of Justice of the Peace and District Judge in the Judiciary in Israel for many years, until his early retirement in April 2020.

Board member at a leading and world-renowned academic institution. A lecturer at the Technion, which is considered one of the leading academic institutions in the world. Expert in the field of ADR - alternative/appropriate ways of trial. He researched the pardon and its legal status in Israeli criminal law and wrote his doctoral thesis in this field. This is the first scientific doctoral thesis in the world in this field. He is an expert and world-renowned in the field of forgiveness, as an alternative and very appropriate way to resolve legal disputes.                                        

Education and professional training:

 18  - 2009:   The University of Derby -UK

                     Studies towards a PhD (EdD, thesis topic:

The legal status of the Sulha in the Criminal Law of the

State of Israel

2004-5:  University of Haifa - Faculty of Law.

               Studies for a master's degree in law (LL.M)

1993:     Unqualified approval to act as a defense attorney in military courts

1988:    Member of the Israel Bar Association (License No. 12929)

1986-8: Bar-On, Eitan & Co. law firm in Jerusalem

              specialization in law

1982-6:  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Faculty of Law

               Preparatory + studies for a bachelor's degree in law (LL.B)

 Employment experience:

2022 onwards:  Lecturer at the Technion - Faculty of Medicine, Studies Unit 

                      Advanced, on "Medicine, Ethics and Law".

2016-19:      Judge (in practice) and registrar - Central District Court in Lod

2010-16:      Senior Judge - Northern District Magistrates' Courts

2007-16:     The chairman of the special committee, appointed according to section 19 of the decree

                    The Harrises (defense)

2001-10:     Vice President -   Northern District Magistrates' Courts

2001-2016: Chairman of the Parole Committee, appointed according to Article 32 of the Parole Law on   

                    Terms of Imprisonment, 2001

1997-2001: Judge  - The Magistrates' Courts in the North District, with certification as well

                     As a traffic judge and juvenile judge

1995-7:      Judge in the Judicial Authority of the Histadrut District Haifa and the North

1988-1997: Lawyer, first as an employee and then as a freelancer

1985-8:        Parliamentary Assistant - Knesset of Israel

During his tenure as a judge in the Judiciary, Dr. Sarhan dealt with almost all areas of law, including criminal law (substantial and judicial, i.e. procedural and evidentiary law), civil law (substantial - -contract law, real estate, tort and judicial), commercial law, including legal Companies, insolvencies and bills, administrative and constitutional law, family law, labor, traffic, youth and enforcement.

Dr. Shakib is considered a visionary, creative, efficient, and activist judge. In his areas of practice, he also contributed to the development/expansion of law and created new legal laws in various legal fields, including statutes of limitations, laws of evidence (criminal and foreign), torts, and insolvency laws of an individual. During the years in which he served at the Magistrate's Court in Nazareth and was responsible for the civil department, he was a partner in leading the department with great success. He was an important and active partner in formulating new management strategies and approaches and developing a proactive approach to case management, all from a deep insight and understanding of the judicial processes and above all other spirit and flight, and breaking old entrenched paradigms. The innovative and ground-breaking approach won the courts in the North District awards and was even copied to all the other courts in Israel.

Other public positions:

2003-15: Chairman of the Knesset Elections Committee - Safed Governorate

2002-04: Member and then chairman of the public advisory committee for the awarding of the Minister's Shield for the Environment.

  • Chairman of an examining committee for the certification of lawyers in Israel, appointed according to Section 40 of the Bar Association Law, 1961.

  • Member of the Central Committee and the Board of Trustees of the Arab Academic College of Education in Haifa.

We will add and emphasize that during his tenure as a judge and in his many public positions, Dr. Sarhan won many prestigious awards and certificates of appreciation.

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