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Inbal Falah Yaakov, Attorney at law

Attorney Inbal Falah Yaakov joined the law firm of Ismail & Co. in 2018.

Adv. Fallah-Yaakov has about 20 years of experience in the commercial and business licensing field, including in the field of car rental companies and kindergartens, and has also served as a legal advisor in leading companies in the economy.

Graduate of the Faculty of Law - Ono Academic Campus.

Holds a bachelor's degree in education and chemistry - Talpiot College.

Holds a master's degree in public administration and communications - Bar Ilan University.

  • Member of the board of directors in the field of culture, youth and sports.

  • Graduate of a program of directors in municipal and public corporations - the Center for Local Government.

  • Graduate of the Advertising, Spokesperson and Public Relations course - Bar Ilan University.

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