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Road accidents Insurance

The Compensation Law for Traffic Accident Victims, 1975 regulates the legal treatment of traffic accident victims and the compensations that are due. Sometimes these compensations are of great social importance in cases where the victim is incapacitated and is forced to be absent from his place of work for long periods. In these cases, the law allows the victim to contact the insurance company Demanding "frequent payment", i.e. payments due to the victim even before his claim has been determined.
The law applies absolute liability to the offending vehicle and guarantees compensation to all victims of traffic accidents, including victims of "hit and run" accidents. In lawsuits of this kind, where the identity of the offending driver is unknown, the law allows filing a lawsuit against "Karnit". 
Unlike other tort cases, in car accident cases it is not possible to submit a private opinion on behalf of the victim for the purpose of determining his medical disability, but the court appoints a medical expert on his behalf to determine whether the victim has a remaining disability and what its rate is. In accordance with the determination of the expert, a detailed damage calculation must be submitted in which all the direct and indirect damages of the victim are embodied. This stage in the management of the case is critical in terms of determining the rate of compensation that will be awarded to the victim.
The office of Esmail & Co. has many years of experience in managing car accident cases in all legal courts. The firm accompanies its clients from the time they are injured in a car accident until receiving the compensation they deserve (the cost of medical treatments, travel, the need to hire third-party help, and more). The office works in cooperation with first-rate medical experts who review the expert's opinion on behalf of the court, advise on asking clarifying questions and prepare for his investigation in court.

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