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Wills Inheritance

Our firm provides its clients with a legal service both in the preparation of wills, and in the execution of wills and the distribution of estates between heirs. When preparing wills, it is of great importance that the sincere and true will of the testator-testator be passed on to his heirs in the easiest and fastest way. To this end, during the preparation of the will, a correct and comprehensive investigation of the client is required, listening to his wishes and expressing them in a simple, precise and legal manner in the will, so that objections, if they arise one day, will be curbed as much as possible by a strong and solid will. loved ones who have passed away or who wish to oppose wills, the firm's staff invests a lot of effort in tracing the real will of the will, and in the process ensures faithful advice to the client in accordance with the requirements of the law and rulings, to prevent unnecessary expenses. The firm has lawyers with expertise in the distribution of estates between heirs by agreement, mediation, arbitration and litigation in courts and tribunals.

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