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Real Estate

We see the utmost importance in giving personal attention to each and every transaction and in meticulous handling in order to avoid costly and fateful mistakes. We make sure to conduct preliminary tests for the buyer/seller. For the purpose of evaluating all the factors that may affect the transaction, the firm's team invests every effort in conducting the aforementioned tests and other tests in a professional manner. Our clients receive personal and loyal guidance and advice, at every stage of the deal, starting with preliminary advice on the execution of the deal, advice on the taxation aspects - which have undergone far-reaching changes in recent years, through negotiations and drawing up the contract and ending with representation before the government authorities until the registration of the rights in the land registry books.
From the point of assumption that there is no "normal" or "simple" transaction, it is important to make sure, before signing a sales agreement, to conduct certain tests for the buyer and for the seller, which are different from each other. For example, a real estate buyer must check thoroughly what the seller's rights are in the property, what rights are sold in the transaction, and what the legal and planning status of the property is, while a real estate seller should check what restrictions may apply to the sale and what the tax implications are, including municipal taxes, that may apply Regarding him for the sale of his rights in the property.

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